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Civil engineering products by Wessenthaler: a solid foundation
Since the start of business, Wessenthaler has been a proven manufacturer and supplier of civil engineering products with business locations in Attnang-Puchheim and Ried/Innkreis. The product range comprises concrete manhole rings and cones for septic tanks and reservoirs, concrete pipes with rebate for drainage in agriculture, concrete half-pipes, concrete covers and wall-reinforced concrete heavy-duty pipes.

Proprietary concrete products
Through its own successful manufacturer’s brand WESSIT, Wessenthaler offers a wide range of specialised concrete products which are manufactured at the concrete and prefabrication factory in Attnang-Puchheim. All our products have been awarded the Concrete Quality Label!

Rainwater for toilets and washing machines
Wessenthaler is not only the first contact for private home builders seeking advice on all matters related to building. The company also helps customers save money and resources: with rainwater cisterns made of steel concrete, manufactured in Wessenthaler’s own factory.

These compact tanks are available in different sizes (depending on the rooftop surface) and serve to harvest rooftop runoff, which is then used for flushing toilets and washing machines. People who harvest rainwater save valuable drinking water rather than flushing it down the toilet. By adding a filtering system to the cistern, you may also use the purified rainwater for your laundry.

With its rainwater harvesting products, Wessenthaler adopts a sustainable trend that has become increasingly popular among private home builders in recent years.

Concrete: a sustainable material with a long service life
There is a good reason for Wessenthaler to use concrete for manufacturing its rainwater cisterns. This building material is sustainable, robust and highly durable. Another speciality of Wessenthaler group is the rehabilitation of wells and springs for drinking water abstraction. Thanks to our perfectly organised motor pool, we are able to guarantee fast delivery. Our employees are constantly at work delivering concrete products to our customers and/or to their building sites promptly and reliably.

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